Thoughts on Bersin by Deloitte’s 2016 Predictions

Hi everyone,

For those of you that follow Bersin by Deloitte’s yearly HR predictions, click here to download the latest one for 2016, it’s almost criminal of how he is giving out these predictions for free.

I’ve finally took the time to finish reading his report over supper this evening (it was spaghetti and meatball for those that are curious) and I’m a bit conflicted over his predictions for the coming 12 months. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in full agreement with almost all of his sagely predictions, however the trends that he is predicting are mainly targeting large to enterprise level organizations.

At this point I think I should quickly mention that I’m part of the SAP Commercial Sales Team in Vancouver, Canada. My team and I are responsible for targeting small-to-medium sized businesses in North America to promote our Talent Management Solution called SAP SuccessFactors.

From my experience of speaking to HR professionals in the small to medium size organizations (usually less than 500 employees) most of them are just not mature and strategic enough to purchase talent management software in the cloud. Many of them can’t even move off of manual HR transaction hell (it’s amazing how many organizations are still using Excel spreadsheet to keep employee records) let only trying to persuade their leaders the benefits of tools such as SuccessFactors.

That being said, Deloitte is arguably the biggest professional service firm in the world so it’s only fair for them to focus on the larger organizations that tend to have more money to spend on state-of-the-art HR technologies. However, I’d think that if more research is being done on the smaller organizations, that are below 1000 employees, I think it’d be highly beneficial for future business leaders and entrepreneurs to learn from. It’d be like a best practices guild for people that have never been exposed to the HR line of business and don’t understand the significance of how it’s really the people in the organization that ultimately affects the business outcome.

Personally, I feel there is a lack of attention being focused on the small guys and that’s really a shame. Although they are small, they are the future multi-national corporation and future A player in business. More focus should be placed on established but small organizations that are still stuck in the 90’s business strategy.